Vickers Hardness Testing Machines

Vickers Hardness Testing Machines ( Model : BV-50-IPC )

Balancing Instruments & Equipments (Miraj) Pvt. Ltd.

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Vickers Hardness Testing Machines and our set up is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

Machine Specifications :

  • Fully Computerized system for indentation measurement and display on inbuilt Industrial PC with touch screen facility.
  • Vickers hardness is measured using image processing techniques based on conditional edge detection & noise reduction achieved through computer vision. The complex algorithm conceives into highly accurate, repeatable and faster output then conventional methodology.
  • Auto/ Manual measurement modes along with exhaustive analytics built in the system helps capturing all results and analyze at will.
  • Specially designed multi element lens system with dual illumination technology offers constant magnification regardless of lens focal point.
  • 2 Mega pixel active CMOS Sensor, which contains photo detector and an active amplifier offers sharper image than any CCD camera available.

Vickers Hardness Testing MachinesVickers Hardness Testing Machines
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Technical Specification

Image magnification : 75X
Least count of measurement : 0.0005 mm
Vickers test loads : 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 & 50 kgf
Selection of test loads : by push buttons
Hardness measurement range : 35 to 1850 HV. (For each load there is a different range)
Test height x Throat : 245 x 120 mm
Accuracy of Measurement of loads : ± 1%
Indirect Verification : by standard test blocks
Conforms to standard : IS: 1754
Machine Sizes (Aprox) (L x W x H) : 660 x 320 x 990 mm
Total Weight of Machine (Aprox) : 175 kgs
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Machine Applications :
Designed for measuring Vickers hardness of steel and metals of all types suitable for small,
hard and thin specimens also for case hardened or coated jobs of low case depth.